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Dermarolling How-To Video [embedyt][/embedyt] Products Mentioned .25mm Dermaroller .5mm Dermaroller .75 Dermaroller 1mm Dermaroller 1.5 Dermaroller 2mm Dermaroller 3mm Dermaroller Purederm Anti-Aging Mask Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Serum Sonia Roselli Waterbalm Moisturizer How Does Dermarolling/Microneedling Work? A dermaroller/microneedling tool is covered with tiny needles that you roll along your skin.  These needles create a lot of very small micro-injuries and those injuries trigger your skin to send collagen and elastin to help repair the issues.  Collagen and elastic production is responsible for tight and clear skin, so it can help with a variety of issues and, because it can be done inexpensively in the home, it has become a popular way of assisting your anti-aging skin routine. What Skin Issues Can Be Treated with Dermarolling? Fine Lines to Moderate Wrinkles Scarring Post-breakout Pigmentation Hyperpigmentation Clearing Skin Tone Anti-aging Stretch Marks Collagen Loss in Skin Large


Beauty on a Budget: DIY Natural Skincare

DIY Natural Skincare

I am almost out of my favorite, brand name skincare products and I wanted to go back to using more homemade cleansers and moisturizers. I decided to whip up batches of my favorites and show you guys how easy it is to take care of your face! I have dry skin with texture issues, so I tailored the video recipes to my own needs, but you could easily switch up ingredients to meet your needs. The Foaming Face Wash, in particular, rinses clean, so I wouldn’t be surprised if combination or even moderately oily skin types liked it. I hope you guys like these natural skincare recipes, and if you do, comment below!  I plan on making this Beauty on a Budget into a series, so Subscribe to my YouTube to find out when I upload more of these! ONTO THE VIDEO INGREDIENTS & USES Essential Oils & Their Uses


Why I Shave My Face | How to Dermaplane with a Scalpel (Safely)

Image: How to Dermaplane with a Scalpel (Safely)

Skincare for Exfoliation and Hair Removal If you have ever wondered why men shave their face and women don’t, or if you’ve grown tired of the baby hair that gets in the way of a baby smooth makeup application, check out this video. Here I’ll show you my way of getting smooth and hair-free skin and prove once and for all that scalpels aren’t scary unless you make them scarey. 😉 Let me know if you guys have any questions and stay tuned for my TCA Chemical Peel video. I’m giving away all my secrets. You will need: Rubbing Alcohol Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel – Etre Belle Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel – Sonia Roselli Waterbalm – 10 Blade Scalpel Set – How to Dermaplane with a Scalpel (Safely) That’s it!  It’s so much easier to work with blades that don’t have guards than it seems.  Just


DUPE IT: DIY MAC Fix + and Diamond Glow Finishing Spray

DIY MAC Fix+ and Diamond Glow/Strobe Spray

Ooooh, shoot, you guys! It’s that time of year that we start thinking about others while looking at all the bomb makeup deals we would be able to take advantage of if our capitalist society was based on every man, woman, and child having the right to great cosmetics…but, you know, it’s nice to give, or whatever. If you still want to pamper yourself, why not create some beautiful finishing sprays for pennies on each dollar you would pay for a fancy pants one from MAC Cosmetics. Note: this is a finishing spray, not a sealing spray. This will cut down any excess powder and blend your products into your skin so that it looks more natural, but you won’t really be able to use this instead of Urban Decay’s All Nighter if you plan on dancing your booty off all night and working up a sweat. Enough chatter, ONTO