Oh, Jolie! | ABOUT

Who is Jolie?

I hate bios.
Here’s some information.


After developing a dance business in both Chicago and Tucson, I found out I was having a baby and needed to make adjustments to my workload. I enrolled in Blush School of Makeup the same year and started to develop my business. I love all things style, skincare, photography, and I have a deep and unending love of makeup. To this end, I’ve been enjoying creating YouTube videos and making real connections with my audience.


Oh, Jolie! is about more than makeup. It is a well-rounded approach to life, style, and health that is approachable and accessible. I want my audience to view me not as an unattainable ideal, like so many other “gurus”, but as the sassy best friend who is not afraid to tell it like it is and thinks of all her friends as family. I want people to feel open with me and to see Oh, Jolie as something they can turn on when they just need to let loose or get new ideas on how to “human.”


I would love to begin working with beauty brands and lending my vision to creating new products as well as repping their vision with my artistic skills in video production. I see myself helping established or new makeup brands reach a larger and diverse clientele by partnering with them to create content and collaborate on product launches, and, in the future, I would love to have my own brand around my artistic vision as well as my own photography and video studio space where I can help others create.