These are my favorite resources for mental and physical self-care techniques. I’ve tried to pick all free resources so anyone with an interest would be able to utilize them, but I can’t guarantee that things won’t end up behind a pay-wall at some point.  If you find a link that requires payment to view, please let me know so I can replace it.  That being said, if you can afford to contribute to the work that people do in self-care and self-help content building, it’s beneficial for everyone.

Resources for self-care, wellness, and mental health.


Tools and techniques for mind and body health, journaling, and easy meditations & mindfulness.

My favorite resources for self-help. This is a good jumping off point for finding methods that help you grow. 

These are some of my favorites of everything.  Humor, books, movies, artists, and whatever else I think is worth your time. 

Equipment & Resources


There are plenty of Hollywood directors that have proven you don’t need more than a cellphone to create a great video, but if you’re curious about my equipment or the resources I swear by…


my storefront

home goods
children's products
mood boards
& more

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