Storytime: Life Lessons from an Old Lady

I’m turning 36 years old November 19th and my impending birthday got me thinking about all the fun stories and lessons I’ve experienced in my life.

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Clean Your House and Make It Easy Every Day

I have had experience as a house cleaner and organizer and these are the most common issues I’ve found with people who, despite their best efforts, can’t figure out how to keep their house clean.

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How to Dermaroll – Microneedle At Home | Anti-Aging Skin Care

Dermarolling How-To Video [embedyt][/embedyt] Products Mentioned .25mm Dermaroller .5mm Dermaroller .75 Dermaroller 1mm Dermaroller 1.5 Dermaroller 2mm Dermaroller 3mm Dermaroller Purederm Anti-Aging Mask

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