March 14, 2018

How to Dermaroll – Microneedle At Home | Anti-Aging Skin Care

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Products Mentioned

.25mm Dermaroller
.5mm Dermaroller
.75 Dermaroller
1mm Dermaroller
1.5 Dermaroller
2mm Dermaroller
3mm Dermaroller
Purederm Anti-Aging Mask
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamin C Serum
Sonia Roselli Waterbalm Moisturizer

How Does Dermarolling/Microneedling Work?

A dermaroller/microneedling tool is covered with tiny needles that you roll along your skin.  These needles create a lot of very small micro-injuries and those injuries trigger your skin to send collagen and elastin to help repair the issues.  Collagen and elastic production is responsible for tight and clear skin, so it can help with a variety of issues and, because it can be done inexpensively in the home, it has become a popular way of assisting your anti-aging skin routine.

What Skin Issues Can Be Treated with Dermarolling?

  • Fine Lines to Moderate Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Post-breakout Pigmentation
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Clearing Skin Tone
  • Anti-aging
  • Stretch Marks
  • Collagen Loss in Skin
  • Large Pores

What Needle Size Should I Use?

Problem | Size .25mm .50mm .75mm 1mm 1.5mm 2mm .2.5mm
Product Absorption
Fine Lines
Anti-Aging / Wrinkles
Large Pores
Acne Pigmentation
Stretch Marks
Deep Scarring

How Often Should I Dermaroll?

This is the general information I’ve found on how often to use the dermaroller. Guidelines range quite a bit on the .5mm and .75mm sizes, some even say you can use them every week.  I would start low and see what your skin can tolerate.

Size How often
0.25 mm every other day
0.5 mm 1 to 4 times a month
0.75 mm 1 to 2 times a month
1.0 mm every 10 to 14 days
1.5 mm once every 3 to 4 weeks
2.0 mm every 6 weeks (avoid this length for home use)

What Products Should I Use / Avoid?

You should avoid chemical exfoliants, salicylic acid, retinol, or benzoyl peroxide after your dermarolling treatment. The best products to use will be hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, snail essence products, or cell regeneration treatments.

How Do You Dermaroll?

  1. Use a gentle cleanser and toner to prep the skin, wash hands
  2. Use 70% Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol in a small dish and submerge the dermaroller in it to disinfect.  Leave the dermaroller in the alcohol for about 5-10 minutes and allow to completely dry before using.
  3. I’ve read conflicting information on when to use your products, but I’ve found great results using my products *before* I dermaroll.  I leave that to your discretion/research. In any case, this is when I would put on my special sheet masks or serums.
  4. Dermaroll the skin, avoiding open wounds, acne, or other active skin issues.
  5. If your skin has blood droplets on it (it might if you use a large sized dermaroller), gently rinse the skin with water only.
  6. If you have access to a red led light therapy lamp, this is a good time to use it.
  7. Be sure to add extra moisture when you’re finished with your treatment.
  8. Disinfect your dermaroller and allow to completely dry before you store it.

How Long will it Take to See Results?

The skin is able to regenerate approximately every 28 days, so it will take that long to see any really obvious effects of the treatment.  You can, however, most likely see the effects of better absorption of your moisturizers and serums right away, leading to radiant and more hydrated skin.

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