What They *DON’T* Tell You About Stretching Your Ears

Watch this before you Stretch Your Ears

5 things to think about before you “gauge” your ears. We’ve all been there, you have a good idea, you have the cash, and the tattoo or piercing parlour is open, so why not get it done right now?  Stretched ears (some people call them “gauges”) are an easy way to get into the subculture of piercing/tattoo/body art, and can be less noticeable if you decide to let the holes tighten back up, unlike, say, getting a tattoo which requires expensive laser treatments. With any kind of body art, whether it’s a piercing or a tattoo, I always recommend to think about the five things listed below. Stretching Requires Time and Money You may decide to go the route of getting a piercer to cut out a circle of flesh from your ears to expedite the process, but most people work up to a certain size.  You need to consider

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