October 7, 2017

Hanacure Mask Demo & Review | Hot or Hype

Celebrity Face Mask

A celebrity favorite, but is it worth it?

You’ve likely seen all the Instagram photos of celebrities looking like they aged a lifetime in a matter of minutes because of the tightened and dried face mask. These photos seem to be every-damn-where and the advertising hogs the algorithm of the feed of any social media site. So, you know everyone is doing it, but is it worth the money?

This single-use mask comes with a lifting serum that you pour into a gelling pack and you shake it to activate the product.  It also comes with a synthetic-hair brush applicator for ease of application.  The packaging is clean and beautiful, the product per facial is so generous you’d probably be able to share it with a friend, and the cost is $29US.

Hanacure Facial Mask

Drew Barrymore showing her Hanacure mask.

The feeling when you first apply the Hanacure Facial Mask is cooling, tingly and quite nice, but within the first ten minutes it will start to harden and pull your skin in uncomfortable ways.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s painful, but it’s definitely hard to ignore the sensation.  After thirty minutes, you rinse your face, which was a lot more challenging than I expected; I had a difficult time removing all of it and had to keep going back to pick off more remnants.

The results for me were mixed.  On the one hand, it cleared my pores and essentially gave me an inexpensive peel, on the other, my slightly dry skin did not respond well to the clarifying facial that Hanacure essentially is and even applying skin cream and oils have not helped the areas that it chapped.  I think if you’re going to try the Hanacure Facial Mask, you should proceed with caution if your skin type is dry or sensitive.


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