September 23, 2017

Milk Makeup Brand Review and First Impressions | Hot or Hype

Is Milk Makeup Worth the Hype?

Hot or Hype | Is Milk Makeup Worth it?

In this video, I go through a selection of 7 items and test them on video to give you my real-time impressions as well as some helpful tips in working with the products.  All in all, the products are of great quality and you get a lot of product for the price.   I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Blur Stick primer, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to work with it than just rubbing it onto your face straight from the stick. I also wasn’t keen on the Lip + Cheek product, as it ended up looking like more of a bubble gum pink on the skin than the pretty rose color of the stick.

Photo of Milk Makeup Products

A selection of Milk Makeup products.

My favorite of the group was the Highlighter.  It is the perfect “just back from the gym” glow that everyone tries and fails at achieving with powder highlighters. My one complaints is that the most effective method of applying it is straight from the stick and I don’t like the way it disrupts the product underneath it, but I’ve taken to dotting it on in small strokes and blending gentle with my fingers.

The eye products were all great, especially the eye pigment.  The product can be applied sheer or opaque and dries down to be almost entirely smudgeproof.  It’s one of those eye products that you throw on when you don’t have time to do anything else and it makes it look like you did a lot to primp.  I also love that they focused on creme shadows instead of powder.  Their brand is all about looking dewy and fresh, simple application with colors that blend easily, so it’s perfect that they did the creme quad.  It’s easy to blend, dries down quick, but not so quick that you can’t work with it, and they have two thoughtfully chosen quads with beautiful colors.  I’d love to see more eye cremes from them and in more vibrant shades.

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup Eyepigment in a striking blue.

All in all, this is a line with a lot to offer, and I can even see some of the products I was disappointed in being hits with different tones and types of skin.

Milk Blur Spray –
Milk Lip + Cheek Swish –
Milk Nude Quad –
Milk Blur Foundation –
Milk Eyepigment Champagne –
Milk Highlighter Lit –
Milk Blur Stick Neutral –

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