DAILY DEALS 10/14/17

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Don’t miss out on these deals, people! I’ve decided to start trying to save y’all money on your makeup and style habits. Check out new deals every morning.   Metallic Chuck Taylors drop from $59.99 to $39.99 if you purchase through Journeys.com.       Clinique Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes and Lips drops from $19 to $9.50 at Macys.com with an additional 3% cash back if you go through eBates. Plus it ships free. This is the lowest shipped price by $10. It is fragrance-free and has received nearly 5 out of 5 stars from over 400 reviewers. Note: Get three of these removers, and a free 7-piece Clinique gift set, valued at $75, will be automatically added to your cart. Sales tax is charged in most states.   Save 50% on this Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit which drops from $40 to $20 at Macys.comwith an additional 3% cash back if you go

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DAILY DEALS | 10/13/17

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Don’t miss out on these deals, people! I’ve decided to start trying to save y’all money on your makeup and style habits. 😉 Check out new deals every morning. Corewill Manicure & Pedicure Set Nail Clippers 12 in 1 Stainless Steel with Portable Travel Case, $16.99 This set is perfect for on the go, or even if you just want all the tools in one spot.  And the plus side?  It’s inexpensive and luxe looking. JC Penney | Ebates: Extra 13% cash back! For a limited time, JCPenney is offering 65% off orders of $100 or more! To get this deal, enter code 4YOUSAVE at checkout. If your order is less than $100 but you still want a discount, you’re in luck! This coupon code also offers 50% off orders of $40 or more, or an extra 25% off select items! Shipping is free with no minimum order. Some exclusions apply. This deal ends October 19.

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Hottest Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall/Winter

Fall/Winter Eyeshadow Palettes 2017

My Top 6 Choices for Eyeshadow Palettes A/W 2017 If you know me, you know I absolutely LIVE for autumn (or fall, but I love the poetic sound of “autumn”).  My usual uniform is as many layers as it takes to look like I tried but not look like a hobo, and it’s a razor-thin line, people.  RAZOR THIN.  My usual outfit consists of tank top, open sweater, leggings, thigh high socks, boots, jacket, scarf, hat and LOTS OF EYESHADOW.  There’s just something about the dark greens, oranges, and burgundies of typical fall fashion that makes me feel so chic.  Well, darlings, since I’m dreaming of fall, I gathered up a list of the best palettes for Autumn/Winter that will be an amazing present to anyone, or will look great on you if you just can’t give it up.  😉  Let me know which one you take order and let’s

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Beauty & Style Deals of the Day!

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butter LONDON 57% off New Really Radiant Value Set http://www.butterlondon.com/Gifts/Really-Radiant.html Too Faced  – 3% cashback on Ebates Up to 25% off any order Checkout code: REDHOT25 Stila – 4% cashback on Ebates Up to 50% off + Extra 20% off Sale Cosmetics Expires today, 10/12/2017 Checkout code: SALE20 Bliss – 8% cashback on Ebates (usually only 4%) Save 35% when you spend $100+ order Checkout code: FALL35 Exp. 10/19/2017 Macy’s – 3% cashback on Ebates 6-Piece Clinique Pick Your Party Lipstick Set + 7-Piece Clinique Gift on sale from $29.50. Shipping is free. Instructions: Click here and add the 6-Pc Clinique Pick Your Party Lipstick Set $25 Click here and add a Clinique item (from $4.50) to qualify for gift Proceed to checkout 7-Piece Clinique Gift will add to cart automatically Includes: Jonathan Adler Cosmetics Bag Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, 30 ml Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, 15 ml High Impact Mascara – Black Clinique Happy Perfume Spray, 4 ml Compact: All About Shadow Duo

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Funny Beauty Guru Halloween Costume, All the Trends!

Beauty Guru Costume, All the Trends!

What happens when you use all the trends at the same time? I love following the makeup trends; I get to see the new hot shades before they hit stores, and I get to plan ahead for what I do on my channel.  There’s a certain point at which the hot trend that we all love is pushing it a little too far.  Color-correcting became clowntour, highlighting became Rudolph nose, cut crease was a phrase used in every tutorial, and I don’t even want to get into the squiggle brow.  Now, to be fair, I do love some of these trends.  I don’t mind giving my nose a bit of highlight or doing a really structured brow.  I just love to have fun, and if you can’t poke fun at something you do, then I’m not sure we’ll get along.  😉  

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10 Tips for a Great Headshot

Best Practices for the Best Headshots. I received a special request from a lovely friend for a headshot makeup tutorial and, being somewhat of a people pleaser, I obliged.  Headshots can usually be broken up into two categories, artist and corporate.  While I truly think all headshot makeup should lean toward the natural, the corporate side might be more inclined to do a bolder look.  In this video, I show the more natural “your face but better” headshot makeup look, but you could easily smoke out the lash line and do a bolder lipstick and be set for your corporate photos. 1) Keep your makeup natural. When someone asks for a headshot from you, they don’t expect to see the most fleek-tastic, chiseled to the gods,  YAAAAAS version of you that you take selfies of, they want to see the real you.  It’s really easy to overdo it on makeup

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Hanacure Mask Demo & Review | Hot or Hype

Celebrity Face Mask

A celebrity favorite, but is it worth it? You’ve likely seen all the Instagram photos of celebrities looking like they aged a lifetime in a matter of minutes because of the tightened and dried face mask. These photos seem to be every-damn-where and the advertising hogs the algorithm of the feed of any social media site. So, you know everyone is doing it, but is it worth the money? This single-use mask comes with a lifting serum that you pour into a gelling pack and you shake it to activate the product.  It also comes with a synthetic-hair brush applicator for ease of application.  The packaging is clean and beautiful, the product per facial is so generous you’d probably be able to share it with a friend, and the cost is $29US. The feeling when you first apply the Hanacure Facial Mask is cooling, tingly and quite nice, but within

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My Skincare Routine | Product Listing

A skincare routine for dry skin!

Skincare Routine for Dry Skin So many people ask me to recommend skincare products to them or look over the products they already use that I just had to do this video. I am not going to tell you these products that I use in the video definitely will work for you, but I find them effective and certainly think it’s worth a shot. Finding products that meet your needs is a lot of trial and error, but if you think your skin problems are beyond help, I always recommend a visit to your local esthetician or dermatologist. My skin type is dry with a tendency towards developing small blackheads on my nose, cheeks, and chin.  I often find that traditional blackhead products dry my skin even further, so I prefer to focus on moisturising, and I save my blackhead treatments for once or twice a week.  Most of these

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My Highschool Makeup | 90s Grunge Tutorial

My Highschool Makeup Routine

My 90s Grunge Highschool Makeup Man, I miss the 90s. I cringe when I think of all the great clothing I’ve gotten rid of, so many pairs of Doc Martens, the skin-tight nylon Buddah shirts worn with vintage slips, high-waisted jeans, and an absurd amount of backless shirts.  Literally everything I wore in the 90s is back in fashion and I’m over here weeping at my lack of foresight. My makeup was just as colorful as my wardrobe in those days, but I had two go-to looks that had heavy rotation, pink-and-brown and metallic blue.  The pink and brown look (recreated above) was achieved with blush and whatever Revlon or Wet-n-Wild eyeshadow I could scrounge up.  Pink-and-Brown was all about grunge, it was slapdash and all about the eye (no blush, no bronzer…no skintone).  My metallic blue was quite polished by comparison; it was a beautiful shade in a metallic

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Milk Makeup Brand Review and First Impressions | Hot or Hype

Is Milk Makeup Worth the Hype?

Hot or Hype | Is Milk Makeup Worth it? In this video, I go through a selection of 7 items and test them on video to give you my real-time impressions as well as some helpful tips in working with the products.  All in all, the products are of great quality and you get a lot of product for the price.   I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Blur Stick primer, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to work with it than just rubbing it onto your face straight from the stick. I also wasn’t keen on the Lip + Cheek product, as it ended up looking like more of a bubble gum pink on the skin than the pretty rose color of the stick. My favorite of the group was the Highlighter.  It is the perfect “just back from the gym” glow that everyone tries and fails

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