November 8, 2017

DUPE IT: DIY MAC Fix + and Diamond Glow Finishing Spray

DIY MAC Fix+ and Diamond Glow/Strobe Spray

Ooooh, shoot, you guys! It’s that time of year that we start thinking about others while looking at all the bomb makeup deals we would be able to take advantage of if our capitalist society was based on every man, woman, and child having the right to great cosmetics…but, you know, it’s nice to give, or whatever. If you still want to pamper yourself, why not create some beautiful finishing sprays for pennies on each dollar you would pay for a fancy pants one from MAC Cosmetics. Note: this is a finishing spray, not a sealing spray. This will cut down any excess powder and blend your products into your skin so that it looks more natural, but you won’t really be able to use this instead of Urban Decay’s All Nighter if you plan on dancing your booty off all night and working up a sweat. Enough chatter, ONTO THE TUTORIAL!

How to Make a DIY Fix+ and Diamond Glow Finishing Spray

DIY Fix+ Ingredients

  • Distilled water
  • Glycerine
  • Witch Hazel
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil if you like
  • 2-3 drops of face oil if you have dry skin
  • You can add aloe vera juice or gel if you like, gel takes longer to break down (more shaking)
  • An old Fix+ bottle, travel spray bottle, or small spray bottle
  • Watch video for specification on quantities for ingredients.

DIY Diamond Glow Finishing Spray Ingredients

  • All ingredients listed above
  • Shimmering pigments that will complement your skin tone, add to spray bottle a little at a time until you get the shimmer you want.
  • Warning: The pigments have a tendency to clog in small spray bottles, so you might want to add it to a bottle with a straw that is a bit bigger.  Small bottles in the hair product aisles of most drug stores tend to not be too big, but they have a bigger straw than travel size bottles.

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